What is the Instant Bingo Fundraiser All About?

Hello, my name is Chris Henry and I am the Second Vice President of the Perkins Athletic

Booster Club. My wife Marcy is a teacher at Meadowlawn School and I have two sons Noah-15

and Sawyer-14 and both play multiple sports. I joined the Boosters to help do my part and make

the Perkins Boosters even stronger than it is now; to show how much I care about all of our

students and this great Perkins School District. My role with the boosters is many but my main

contribution is running and organizing the Boosters Tip Ticket Fundraiser throughout the year.

The Boosters supply tip tickets to four supporting bars and restaurants including the Cameo,

Mason Jar, The Pump and Buds Place. These fine establishment assist the Boosters by selling

these tickets and thus raising money for our student athletes. All money that is made is

deposited into our account and is used for all of Perkins sports programs. Please try and

patronize these local businesses and thank them for helping our Booster Club become better

and stronger! It gives me great satisfaction and pleasure to volunteer for such a great

organization knowing that in turn we are helping so many kids! I especially care knowing how

hard my own boys Noah and Sawyer work at all the sports programs they are in and how

important athletics is to their growth while at Perkins Schools. Organizing and raising money for

our student athletes is the least I can do to help make our athletes and sports programs the best

in the area.

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