New Cameras Purchased So Concession Workers Can See the Game

The Perkins Athletic Booster club recently purchased and installed two new cameras, and a DVR in the

stadium. The cameras are mounted on top of the press box and are pointed at the field, track and score

board. Television monitors that were donated by Perkins Youth Football League are in the concession

stand. When an event is being held in the stadium the volunteers in the concession stand now have the

capability of watching the action and keeping track of what’s going on and when to get ready for the

halftime rush. The cameras and DVR were purchased locally thru Insight Technical Services a division of

All Phaze Light and Power. Jude Poggiali from Insight worked with us to assure we had the right

equipment and he installed everything and got it up and running. We decided to purchase this

equipment locally so that we always have someone close should we encounter any problems. The

system works great and it makes it much better to work in the concession stand when you can still see

what’s going on in the stadium. And the customers like it too because they never miss any of the action.

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